Upcoming Events

Friday - August 28th - BLOOD DRIVE - Kennesaw and Meyerhardt Lodges - 2 PM to 6PM at Meyerhardt Lodge

Tuesday - September 1st - Regular Communication - Scottish Rite Night

Tuesday - September 15th - 50 and 60 YEAR AWARD CELEBRATION

Tuesday - October 6th - Regular Communication (Confer Masters Degree)

Saturday - October 10th 'The Best BBQ in Town' - 11AM to 2PM at the Lodge. Plus the OES Bake Sale!!!

Tuesday - October 20th - Regular Communication

IMPORTANT NOTICES: No important notices at this time.

2015 is shaping up to be a busy year in our lodge. Check the Calendar of Events and we hope to see you soon!

From the Worshipful Master



Greetings from the EAST.

As we reflect over the past 9 months, it has been a year of significant milestones for your Lodge through programs such as Masonic Education – hosting nationally known Worshipful Brother Brent Morris, Masonic Enlightenment, Charity and Brotherly Love. Through your efforts and support of the Lodge, we have held programs honoring the work of our Masonic Youth – Rainbow Girls and the DeMolay, the Masonic Children’s Home, Boy Scouts, Blood Drives, Georgia CHIP, Love the Loop, our Veterans, embracing Patriotism and awarding our 50 and 60 year members.

The Year is quickly fading into the annuals of history; however, the Masonic Light of Kennesaw Lodge shines bright! It has been an honor to serve as your Worshipful Master.

For the final quarter of the year, we are planning to hold a number of proficiencies and conferring Degrees for our candidates and new Brothers. Making Masons is the cornerstone of our fraternity!

We will be holding our Annual BBQ on Saturday, October 10th from 11AM to 2PM. The Order of the Eastern Star will be sponsoring a Bake Sale for their charities at the Lodge building that day as well. Our BBQ is a crucial fund raiser for our Lodge. Enclosed is an advertisement flyer and tickets for payment at the door. Please INVITE your FAMILY and FRIENDS. Come to enjoy good BBQ and fellowship!

Brothers: We need your help! We are truly blessed by your membership. Given that approximately 50% of our members are Emeritus (excluded from dues); it would be most helpful if we all would consider giving a LOVE donation to support our Lodge programs. Our LOVE donations will assist our Lodge in continuing the Young Peoples Programs, Brotherly Charity, and Masonic Education. Such a donation to our Lodge will leave a legacy of our continued commitment to the Fraternity and provide the foundation to support our financial commitments.

Brothers, I THANK each of you for your continual support building the foundation for another 172 years.

In Your Fraternal Service,

Cabot M. Rohrer, Worshipful Master


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