Director of Work: Worshipful Brother Hugh Watson


Degree Coach and Chairmen: WB William A. Stanley (Chair), WB Richard Gibson, Brother Chris King


Ambassador to the Rainbow Girls: Brother Lee Williams


Ambassador to the DeMolay: Brother Kirk Martin


Ambassador to the York Rite: WB Hugh Watson


Ambassador to the Scottish Rite : WB Jan Giddens


Ambassador to the Shrine: WB Jack Johnston


Ambassador to the Masonic Home of Georgia: Brother Josh Gagric


GACHIP Representative for the Lodge: Brother Lee Williams, WB Richard Gibson


Memorial Club and Low Twelve Representative: WB Don Wilkes


Widows Club Representative: WB William A. Stanley


Web Master: Brother John Dodson


Ambassador for the Adopt-A-Mile: Brother Jeff Ellis assisted by Brother Bill Stanley



2015 Kennesaw Lodge No. 33 – Committees:


Charity Committee (Per By- Laws the Members): Worshipful Master Cabot M. Rohrer, Senior Warden Kirk Martin, Junior Warden Chris King, Treasurer Robert Cole and Secretary Jerry Hochman


Finance Committee: Worshipful Brother Jack Johnston (Chairman), Worshipful Brother Russ Mathuss, Brother Matt Diaz


Lodge Decorum Committee: Brother William Hester (Chair), Brother Dean Puthoff, Brother Shane Lancaster, Brother Andrew Giltz


Museum Committee: Worshipful Brother Jan Giddens, Brother Bill Stanley


Refreshment Committee: Senior Warden Brother Kirk Martin, Junior Warden Brother Chris King, Senior Steward Brother Dean Puthoff, Junior Steward Brother Matt Diaz, Brother Andrew Giltz, Brother Shane Lancaster


Scholarship Committee: Secretary Jerry Hochman, Brother Josh Gagric, Brother Shane Lancaster, Brother Bill Stanley, Treasurer Brother Robert Cole


Masonic Education Committee: Worshipful Brother Jan Giddens, Senior Warden Kirk Martin, Secretary Jerry Hochman, Brother Dean Puthoff,


Communications: Worshipful Master Cabot M. Rohrer (Calling Posts), Secretary Jerry Hochman (Members Emails, Calling Post and Mailings – assisted by Brother Jeff Ellis)


Event Advertising Committee: Brother Shane Lancaster, Brother Andrew Giltz, Brother Chris King


2015 Family Fun Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser (with Eastern Star): Senior Warden Kirk Martin, Junior Warden Chris King, Senior Steward Dean Puthoff, Junior Steward Matt Diaz, Third Steward Matt Medley, ( All Lodge Brothers)


Photography Committee: Brother Kirk Martin, Brother Will Hester,

Brother Sim Concepcion


Barbeque Fund Raiser: Brother Lee Williams (Chair), Senior Warden Kirk Martin, Junior Warden Chris King, ALL Stewards and Lodge Brethren


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