Lamp of Learning

Meeting Night:

Fifth Fridays

Refreshents at 7PM

Meeting at 7:30


Jim House

Meeting Location:

Marietta Masonic Temple
547 Roswell Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Additional Info:

Georgia Lodge of Research Facebook page


The Georgia Lodge of Research is the state research lodge of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, Free and Accepted Masons. Chartered in 1966, our purpose is to “promote a greater knowledge of Freemasonry among the Craft.“ The imprint on our publications is the Lit Lamp of Learning, a fitting symbol for the power of scholarship & study to shed ‘More Light’ upon the path of the Freemason. We create opportunities to learn and share knowledge; To this end we offer…


  • We Feature member presenters every “5th Friday” at live & open quarterly meetings.
  • We Arrange for special guest lecturers of international caliber and renown from inside and outside of Georgia to visit and share with us. Often these occur at “called” (specially announced) meetings additional to the regular quarterly schedule.
  • We Publish and mail out a hardbound volume of annual “Transactions,” a “best of” volume of research papers, presentations and essays submitted throughout the year. Even if you miss the interactive presentation, you can read the complete paper in Transactions.
  • We also publish occasional Bonus Books and specialty reference tomes, such as “Georgia Freemasons 1861-1865″ and “Outstanding Georgia Freemasons.” We are very proud to count many Grand Masters among our author-members.
  • We Encourage excellence in Masonic Scholarship at the highest levels, with several coveted Award programs to recognize superior work.

Our membership is open to all Master Masons in good standing with a Lodge currently recognized by the Grand Lodge of Georgia.

Unless declared otherwise, we generally keep our meetings open and we encourage Brethren to bring their ladies and guests. Unaccompanied members of the public who would also like to attend should contact us to arrange an invitation for us to meet you.

Have questions? Wish to be a Guest, Member, Contributor or Speaker? Contact us!