2020 Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master - Jay Finch
Worshipful Master
Jay Finch
Senior Warden - Don Beckwith
Senior Warden
Don Beckwith
Junior Warden - Larry Grimm
Junior Warden
Larry Grimm
Treasurer - Robert Cole
Robert Cole
 Secretary, Bill Stanley
Bill Stanley
Chaplain - Jerry Hochman
Jerry Hochman
Senior Deacon - Barry Pinson
Senior Deacon
Barry Pinson
Junior Deacon - Shane Russell
Junior Deacon
Shane Russell
Senior Steward - Truett Williams
Senior Steward
Truett Williams
Junior Steward - Perry Gibbs
Junior Steward
Perry Gibbs
Tyler - Sim Conception
Sim Conception
Director of Work - Will Hester (PM)
Director of Work – Will Hester (PM)