How to become a Master Mason in Georgia

Q: How to obtain a petition?

A: Petitions are obtained by asking a Master Mason for a petition to Freemasonry solely of your own free will and accord. No Master Mason will ever ask you to join Freemasonry in the State of Georgia.

Q: What are the Requisites?

A: An application for initiation must be signed by the petitioner and not by another. The petitioner must be vouched for by Two Master Masons, known to the petitioner for a period of not less than twelve months, and one of whom must be member of the petitioned Lodge.

Q: Age Requirement

A: 18 Years of Age

Q: What happens after the petition is accepted and in proper form as directed above?

A: The petition is laid over for a period of one month during which an investigating committee is assigned to the petitioner. Following the report back from the investigating committee the petition is read in open lodge again and voted on, it must contain no votes against it to pass as it only takes one vote by secret ballot to reject. Additionally the vote is never discussed or challenged regarding the petition. If the vote is all clear then the petition is granted and a date for an educational and initiation are then set.

Note: Every lodge in Georgia is governed by The Grand Lodge of Georgia and the Masonic Code. Which requires the mandatory one year period that a man must know someone from the lodge he plans to petition or a Master Mason must know that person, sometimes we find that a man may know a Master Mason but simply not know that he does. This is the job of the petitioner to locate someone who will sign his petition by asking men familiar to him if they in fact are Master Masons and would they be willing to sign a petition for the degree. It is not required that a Master Mason sign his name and in fact he can reject the offer although if the petitioner is seen as Masonic Material the petition will be signed.

Freemasonry is a privilege to be a part of and one that will remain such for a man’s entire life.

We pride ourselves in selecting good men and making them better men.

Freemasonry must be sought by your own free will and accord, no one will ask you to become a Mason for the simple reason it would mean very little if they did.

When petitioning a lodge it is vital to be truthful to the questions asked as all petitioners are carefully investigated.

For additional information contact the Grand Lodge of Georgia

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