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Kennesaw 33 – Upcoming events

Brothers & Friends!

We have several upcoming events over the next few weeks that everyone should know about and the Worshipful Master & Wardens would love for you to attend.

Kennesaw 33 – July 4 meeting


We will be holding our regular communication tonight and the Junior Warden has promised us a very special meal to celebrate our Country’s Independance Day.

Kennesaw 33 – Called Communication June 24


We will be back in our home Lodge, at the Marietta Masonic Temple and we invite you all to join us as we raise 3 candidates to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

Kennesaw #33 June 20 meeting


I know you all are eagerly awaiting our return home to Kennesaw #33, and I expect there will be some wonderful news to share at the regular communication tomorrow night.

June Commandery Update

Sir Knights,
While we await the completion of repairs to the Marietta Masonic Temple, our June meeting will be held at Nelms Lodge No. 323.

Kennesaw #33 June 6 meeting


While we await the completion of repairs to our lodge, the Worshipful Master wants you all to know that our June 6th communication will be held at Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721

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