These have been trying times for our Fraternity and especially those of our families who have been in harms way. We have been asked to change our daily routines, stay in our homes, and even change the way we deal with our fellow citizens. And while all of this has come at a cost, I pray it has given everyone time for introspection and has taught the valuable lesson of how our families always come together for each other in our hours of need.

If you have been receiving the Calling Posts, you’ve heard of the Ruling from our Grandmaster, and that all of our Masonic Meetings, Activities and Gatherings have been halted until June 12. This is only temporary as I know our Grandmaster and the Grand Officers are taking these measures out of an overabundance of caution and concern for the Brethren and our families. Please keep the Grandmaster and all of the Grand Officers in your prayers – they need your support now more than ever as they make the tough, yet needed, decisions to help guide our Fraternity in Georgia.

Keep in mind Brothers, that even if we can’t meet, we can still stay in contact with each other. I ask that each of you call your Brothers and ask how they’re doing. Ask about their families, and ensure they are all doing wel in this unprecendented time of trial and tribulation. As Masons we are taught to look out for each other, in good times & more especially in bad times. Do not forget the lessons taught to you as an Apprentice, Fellowcraft and most especially as as Master. (And if you want numbers to call, reach out to the Secretary and he can provide you with phone numbers.)

Please keep your Brothers and their families in your prayers, and most especially those who have suffered and lost loved ones during this time of crisis. Though we may not be meeting together in Lodge, we can still join together when upon our bended knees in devotion to Almighty God.

Finally, please keep an eye on the Trestle Board & Lodge Calendar. I have updated it with the latest plans for the Lodge when we can gather together once again. Our Pancake Breakfast fundraiser has been moved to Sept. 5, and our annual BBQ Fundraiser is now scheduled for June 27.

Stay safe, healthy and well Brethren.


Jay Finch, Worshipful Master

Kennesaw Lodge No. 33, F. and A.M.

Worshipful Master’s Trestle Board

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