First and Third Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm


Angela Williams

Meeting Location:

Marietta Masonic Temple
547 Roswell Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Additional Info:

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The International Order of the Rainbow Girls Official Website

Georgia Rainbow – Going Strong

Rainbow is a non-profit character building, service oriented organization. The main goal is to help its members become more than they dreamed possible. Involvement in Rainbow teaches girls three basic virtues: to have faith in a Supreme Being, other people and themselves; to have hope in all that they do; and to be charitable, for to live a life of service is the most rewarding life of all.

Why Join Rainbow Girls?

Can you imagine yourself and a few of your friends walking into a fast-food restaurant or Wal-Mart wearing floor-length formals and maybe even a tiara or crown on your head? It’s a normal thing for Rainbow Girls who are on their way to or from activities, or perhaps their annual state convention (Grand Assembly).

Can you imagine planning a fun event based on Pokemon, Inside Out or a Scavenger Hunt? Or taking a road trip to visit girls from other assemblies throughout Tennesee, Alabama, and South Carolina?

Would you like to be the decision maker among your friends – building your leadership skills while spending time with some of your best friends?

Would you ever think yourself capable of getting up in front of your class, or your whole school, and cheerfully giving a speech, confidently making eye-contact with everyone without getting nervous, shuffling through notes or having your voice quiver? How about singing in front of people?

Are you already planning how you will attend college? Would you feel proud to be awarded a scholarship to help you on your way?

Having Fun while Serving the Community

Our first priority is to have fun all while helping those around us, in order to better our community and the world as a whole. Every year our Grand Worthy Advisor chooses a statewide service project. It is usually an organization or cause that is close to the girl’s heart. Then Georgia Rainbow spends a year raising money for this organization. At the end of our year we present the money to the organization at Georgia Grand Assembly. We plan and carry out all sorts of fun events in order to make the money that we donate. Girls all around the state of Georgia have held bake sales, washed cars and scooped snow cones at local fairs. You name it and we’ve probably done it, but we are always looking for new and exciting ways to raise awareness for our cause and our organization.

The greatest thing about helping others is that you are participating in these activities with girls your own age, who share the same interests as you. So you are making life long friendships, all while supporting a worthwhile cause.

We help our Masonic family by serving at their stated meeting dinners, attending their youth events and by performing our memorization work to perfection.

Join Us for the Fun!

We also have two monthly meetings, where we take sign-ups for upcoming events, plan fun activities and make decisions about matters in the assembly. These meetings give both girls and adults an opportunity to get together and take care of matters that are important to running a successful assembly.

We play just as hard as we work. The girls enjoy going to the beach, having movie nights and Ice Cream Socials. We use these activities to introduce prospective members to the girls of the assembly and to show them just how much fun we all have together.

If you have ever wanted to travel the state or travel to different countries, then we look forward to you joining us on one of our many road trips. Assemblies all across the state travel hundreds of miles in a year to visit other assemblies and to visit out of state Rainbow Girls.

This organization will help you to develop skills that will become useful as you grow up; Leadership skills, public speaking, self- respect and a whole lot of confidence. The best part is you will be having so much fun that you won’t even realize you have built these skills until one day when you need to use them.